Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2011

The voice of “Silence”

Silent Silence

Silent Silence :

Silence is not just the mere absence of  words. Silence has many words but we can’t hear them. You cannot use your ears for them. But u can see them. You can feel them striking your nerves, forcing you to either cry or jump with joy. There is silence in graveyard as well as in an altar but both are different, completely different. The peace you get in an altar, the positive energy that fills your mind is completely different from the sorrow that comes out in graveyard and the tears that just dont stop coming out. Again you couldn’t hear the whispers of silence from your ears but from your heart.

It’s often said that being silent is the best answer, and yes it is as words can only confuse or betray you as many a times words overshadow the true feelings, emotions LYING inside your heart.

We always hear words like BEST, TRUE, AMIGO, FRIEND, LOVE etc. from those who often come and fly away but did we ever try to see those eyes which gets wet on seeing us happy? Those silent faces always have a lot to say but they always prefer silence over exaggeration.

Pictures often make us nostalgic but see the irony, they too are silent. Seeing an old photo with someone with you, smiling, eyes full of joy and love makes you cry. They often help you to realize the importance of genuine feelings over false statements.

We sometimes feel that it is necessary to show your feelings, tell about how you feel, but what if someone is showing and you are just not able to perceive it??? Whose fault is it???

Everyone is different, some people like to show more than they have and restrict you to them, and some people just let you flow and live with whatever they have within themselves. They want you to feel it as heart’s approval is more important than mind’s approval for them AND ALL THEY NEED IS YOUR LOVE.

Funny isn’t it ?
No words but still very much to say.. not a medicine but sometimes enough to heel.. not a matter but still is something that you can feel.

Why is it so ?
What is there in silence that can make us feel so bad at one moment and on cloud 9 in the other???
Now I think I know the answer but would like you to search for it in yourself. And believe me the answers are waiting silently inside you.
And please don’t try to hear them.. JUST TRY TO BE WITH THEM AND FEEL THEM.
Silence might work slower than words but its effect is true and lasts forever.


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- I like to write,I like to think, I knw when to be a source and when to be a sink, here I will try to give all those links, that I have sipped from the life's mysterious drink...

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