Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, American computer entrepreneur and inventor, died on 5th October, 2011, at the age of 56. The co-founder of Apple Inc. was battling with pancreatic cancer, of which he was diagnosed in 2004.

He was also the CEO of Apple Inc. before he resigned in August, 2011 stating that he was no longer able to meet his duties as the CEO of the company. After the news of his death surfaced, the web has been flooding with condolence messages.

A number of notable people, such as U.S. President, Barack Obama; Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg; President of Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger; Co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates; CEO of Dell Inc., Michael Dell and many more have expressed their grief on the demise of Steve, who reinvented the computing, music and mobile phone industries in the world. Steven Spielberg, American director, said “Steve Jobs was the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison. He put the world at our fingertips.”


Steve Jobs- A great visionary
Steve Jobs- A great visionary

Steve has been and will remain an inspirational figure for millions of people. His revolutionary ideas and inventions have affected and changed our lives for better. His passion, energy and brilliance have been the driving force behind many innovations that have improved and enriched our lives. Steve was indeed a great visionary and a creative genius. May his soul rest in peace!

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