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“NetTools” A network tools suite for Android

"NetTools" for Android
"NetTools" for Android
"NetTools" for Android
"NetTools" for Android

NetTools : Network Tool Suite for hackers & network admins. This is a compilation of different utilities used by network admins in daily chores.

NetTools was inspired from the NetTools software by “ahmadi” which found a rife use by hackers and network administrators.

NetTools is an utility suite. It has many apps to help network admins to monitor and test sites.

The first version has the following tools:-

* IP Resolver
* Whois
* Website Source Viewer
* Port Scanner
* Hexadecimal to Binary & Decimal converter
* Ping


The app is free to download from the Play Store (Android Market).  NetTools is under construction and will host a much larger number of tools in the future.

Install on Android from here.

If you want to contribute to the code do contact us.


Well, this is my(Shashank Agarwal) first app on Android Market, after working on other’s apps finally I have my own of Android Market. Do tell me how is the application and what more would you like to be added.


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Written by Shashank Agarwal

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