Hidden Android ZOMBIE Art on every Android mobile device

Android Hidden Zombie Art trick
Android Hidden Zombie Art trick

Recently some tech enthusiasts revealed an interesting hidden art that is present in almost all the android phones. Google loves hiding stuff and small things in products they build, do see our “Make Google Do Amazing tricks”  for all the tricks.

This trick reveals the hidden “zombie” art picture in your phone. The trick is pretty amazing also do share with us if you know any such trick.

To see this interesting hidden art image on your phone just follow the instructions:

  1.  Go to the setting page on your android phone, and select “About Phone”
  2. Click on the “Android Version” QUICKLY 3-4 times.
  3.  The “Android Zombie Art” Image by Jack Larson would pop up.

Do share the amazing trick with your friends . Enjoy !!

See the image for better clarification:

Android Hidden Zombie Art trick
Android Hidden Zombie Art trick


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