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5 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Apps are not just for kids or teens. Even adults and working professionals can get the most out of apps. When we talk about productivity apps, Evernote and Dropbox come to our mind. But there are other apps too which are really helpful but not everyone knows about them. Here is a list of such apps.

Clear: Drag, drop, pinch, and swipe your to-do lists.

There are lots of to-do list apps available in the market but clear beats them all with its simplicity. Using Clear is dead easy. For example, if you want to exit list and go back to your home screen/menu, you can simply pinch vertically on the screen to shut the list. For completing an item in the list, swipe right and for deleting it swipe left. For undoing your action, just shake your phone.It allows user to easily drag and drop items and set different colors for different items to increase readability.

SwiftKey 3: Type faster, smarter, and more accurately.

If your smartphone’s predictive text system irritates you, then SwiftKey 3 is perfect for you. SwiftKey uses its AI to learn your writing style and predicts the words that you wish to type. Not just text, SwiftKey also predicts the people you know and the places you visit from your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts. The app’s privacy policy clearly states that the company never stores the user’s passwords, login credentials or key presses. So you can use it without fearing much.

FreshBooks: Invoice, track time, and manage expenses on the go.

Cloud-based tools can make invoicing easy. You can track your unbilled hours (if you are doing hourly work) and can even manage team projects with team time sheets, including the option to have different rates for different projects. FreshBooks allows you to do this all on the go. It makes your job way too easy.

Captio: Email yourself with one quick tap.

Generally people use their emails as to-do lists. It is not a good habit but it is difficult to break for some people. Captio makes it even more difficult to break this habit! It makes it easier to send yourself an email with just a single click. Open the app, write a message, press “Send” and it’s done. It also integrates with Evernote and other note-based tools.

Wayk 4: Wake up with a next-generation alarm clock.

Wayk 4 is a “revolutionary alarm clock” as it is smarter than traditional wake-me-up devices. Simply turn the inner digital wheel to choose the hour and the outer digital wheel to choose the minutes for setting up an alarm. In the morning when the alarm will go off, it will remind you of time and will tell you the local temperature. You can even connect it with your Google Calendar or your RSS feeds and it will tell you all when you wake up in the morning.





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