Can a Computer really be made to “Explode”?

Just sometime back I saw Hollywood movie which showed that just the moment a guy clicked on software he just downloaded over the internet,...
Shashank Agarwal
2 min read

Hacker finds another WhatsApp Vulnerability

It seems that WhatsApp is full of vulnerabilities. Last year in May, it was revealed to the world that WhatsApp accounts could be hijacked...
Vipul Kumar
1 min read

First Major Botnet On Android Smartphones Discovered

Till now we had only heard of botnets on PCs that usually spam us from hacked email accounts from unknown places. But now they...
Vipul Kumar
49 sec read

Fingerprint Scanner That Works From 20 Feet Away

Gaining access to your home, gym, office and other buildings that you regularly visit could become as simple as waving a hand at the front...
Vipul Kumar
1 min read