Why did Edison And Nikola Tesla became enemies ?

Thomas Alva Edison & Nikola Tesla were the two great scientists who developed many devices that have greatly influenced life around the world. But...
Shashank Agarwal
7 min read

DIY: An Electricity-Free Refrigerator, The Zeer

You may be happy with your current refrigerator but you would be happier with this power-less refrigerator. This refrigerator can keep your food fresh...
Vipul Kumar
1 min read

Electricity Generation Through Mirrored Troughs

Around 1.4 billion people don’t have access to electricity at all in the world while there are many others who have an extremely unreliable...
Vipul Kumar
1 min read

The Reason For Northern Grid Collapse

Last night around 2:30 AM, almost whole Northern India got surrounded by darkness as the Northern Grid collapsed. Eight states were hit hard by...
Vipul Kumar
45 sec read