Thread : A strand that holds friendhio together (a poem)

Thread : A fragile bond (poem)

Thread : A strand that holds friendhio together (a poem)
Thread : A strand that holds friendhio together (a poem)

This composition compares relations whether friendship or love with thread. A thread which once broken leaves a knot that sometimes drifts you apart, and sometimes makes you so close. but the latter one requires something extra.


Wondering for the reasons,

of what had happened.

That for sometime was,

seeming like an end.


A broken thread pieces could never,

be together as before.

As if one end is stretching to meet,

and the other couldn’t reach it anymore.


But whats a thread ?

may be a thing to bind.

but a relation when it binds hearts.

even during a time rift

It holds them together.

and never let them part.


I love my thread

long enough

to connect ur heart with mine,

but with a knot its somehow shorter

to reach where its destine.


Even if we try to hold it,

both efforts wont be same.

as earlier the efforts were feel,

but now may be its SHAM.


I dare to stretch  this  thread having knot,

as fear of breaking is there.

a new one wud also wont do.

as it wont convey what i wanna share.


so the  only way to rectify,

is to bring our hearts closer.

that a thread even with a knot,

would be able to connect us stronger.

I dont know if it would,

i dont knw if we could,

but all i know is that

we should , we should, we should…


Please do tell us how was the poem .




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