Deep Thoughts Literature Poem

“The Unnamed Feeling” ( a poem)

An darkness within

An original composition by Sanchit Gupta, describing the un-named feeling that we feel. Those strange thoughts that come up when misery and sadness envelopes your world.


stupefied by the lies in the nemesis.
short sighted your eyes,
neglecting prole psis.
cradle of rigmarole,
my dying parole.
the dignified death,
life and its synthesis.

overcasting shadows,
the gates of falling walls.
atrocious thy pleads,
majuscule past recall.
intimate, my dying romance,
the steaming rage, just by a glance.
broken stage of my ending life..
the creeping darkness standing tall…

grey shade of truth
darken by foresight
crumbled death and smoke
another way to get high
ghost whisperer in me dwell
opened the gate that led to hell
the shaft in my heart burned
fed to darkness, the fading light


Please do tell us what you feel about the original composition.



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