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Sanjoy hopes Controversy will be put to rest today @ Jaipur Literature Festival

Sanjoy Roy
Sanjoy Roy

In a Press conference held this morning, Festival producer Sanjoy Roy said, “Organizers have decided to go ahead with the video link by Salman Rushdie,at 03:45 P.M (IST),in Front Lawns of Diggi Palace, the venue of Jaipur Literature Festival.”
According to Sanjoy,” The session is named as ‘Midnight’s Child’ where, Barkha Dutt will be in conversation with Rushdie, where discussion about his book ‘Midnight’s Child” and his life and career will be done. “

On the permission from police he said,” I have received information from Rajasthan Government that no requirement for any kind of permission is required, as the video conferencing is legal according to Indian Laws, also government has not asked us to file any undertaking regarding the matter. Though we are very thankful to government for supporting us through the festival, by providing fantastic security arrangements, also I would like to clarify, government has never denied help in case Mr. Rushdie would have come.” On the matter of filed complaints he commented,” We do not have any information on any complaints that has been filed, though I have received petitions from some organizations.” He did not elaborated what was stated in the petitions.

So for now video addressing by Salman rushdie is conformed at 03:45, P.M here at front lawns on the Last day of Festival.



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