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Aakrosh (Anger) : A poem

what anger can do to you
Aakrosh (Anger )

A poem that expresses how man has become a mere tool of his anger. What anger can make him do! Why are we scared of anger!

what anger can do to you
aakrosh.... anger


Dwesh, dand, chal, kapat.
Vishwaasghaat har waqt.
Kaala dil or kaale din.
Har jism ko tu katl kar.
Dil me jo aag he,
Usko bhadka k tu bhatak.
Chinta me niwaas he.
Rago me rehte naag he.
Ye aakrosh he tera mitr.
Insaan praani he vichitra.
Ye chahta kuch or he,
Par Karta kuch or he.

Rishto ki raakh se,
Tilak lagata maathe par.
Sharam haya ko bech k,
Tu jhut mooth waade kar.
Chitra bana vasudha k,
Khareedta arsala barood he.
Aakrosh tera jism he.
Yahi tera wajood he.
Din bhar mukhote pehen kar,
Shaam dhale to shaitaan he.
Ye samjhta khud ko bhagwaan he.
Saari duniya iski mehmaan he.

Aakrosh tera, mera, sabka.
Ye tera ek hi mantra he.
Jo raah pakdi he humne,
Yahi duniya ka ant he.
Sabra ka imtehaan le,
Tu madmast hoke aage bad.
Khaufnaak tu itna ho,
Ki tujhse door bhaage darr.
Kandhe de duniya ki chita ko,
Aag bhi laga k dekh.
Tu hi asli shaitaan he,
Pehne insaan ka vesh.


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Written by Sanchit Gupta

A musician and writer by choice while an engineer by profession.... music is something that runs in my veins... doesnt mean i am from a musical background.. no my family aint related even a bit to music and the idea of being a musician is forbidden. but still. you cant stop whats gonna happen. adventure is something i crave for. and photography my life. i believe that either love what you do or dont do it at all.


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