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Why Doesn’t Coffee Work for some people?

Some people don’t get the same benefits from coffee as others, which seems strange, but, it’s true. Coffee is not the same magical drug to everyone. That is because our human bodies are so different, and the caffeine effects do end up becoming a personal question. 

Sometimes our habits play a big role, such as our sleeping schedule, eating habits, quality of the coffee, and sometimes adenosine plays a big role. If you don’t know what adenosine is? Then, the chemical in your body is indirectly responsible for your sleep. Somehow,if the amount of the adenosine imbalance in your body coffee will not work as expected on you.

Here are some of the most common reasons people can’t get the benefits from coffee. 

Not Getting The Quality Sleep 

Sleeping properly is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. During the day, the amount of adenosine rises in your body, therefore your brain will force you to sleep at night. So that your brain could drain out all the adenosine from the body before you awake. 

If you are not getting quality sleep, adenosine will remain in your body and reverse the effect of the coffee.  

Coffee helps you stay awake by connecting to adenosine receptors in the brain without activating them. However, it only works for a mild amount of adenosine. In case there is already a large amount of adenosine present in your body. It becomes difficult for caffeine chemicals to control the adenosine receptors, and you will end up falling asleep.  

So, you should get the proper sleep. However, if it is still necessary for you to stay awake, make sure you take a coffee nap. Coffee naps are often referred to as five minutes of sleep. During a nap, your brain can get rid of a large amount of the adenosine, if not all. So, it will help you to stay awake for more hours. 

Compromising The Quality Of The Coffee

Compromising the quality of the coffee is the biggest mistake that a coffee lover can make. Low quality not only prevents you from getting any benefits from it but can also be harmful to your health. The amount of caffeine present in any coffee can make a big difference, so you should always get the best healthy coffee for yourself. There is no harm in putting two more scents out of your pocket for the sake of your health. 


Coffee is a great beverage, but when drinking in excess, it can cause issues like anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, addiction, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fatigue, etc. 

Drinking any caffeine is meant to boost your stamina, but only if you drink it in a mild quantity. Like an overdose of any other drug, it can also give you side effects. A person is not recommended to drink more than 400 mg of coffee in a day, so there will be consequences if someone exceeds this limit. Disturbed sleep or even not being able to sleep is the common side effect of drinking too much coffee.

If this is something you are dealing with, it is recommended that you cut your coffee cups from your daily routine.  


Sometimes the natural constructions of DNA, blood sugar levels, and other factors such as the amount of adenosine in a person’s body can also make your body to have a natural tolerance towards caffeine, which means it will not matter how much coffee you have drunk, it will not provide you the benefits, or we say caffeine might not be the magical drug for everyone as expected. Scientific researches have found that a person’s genes decide how much caffeine he needs every day. 

Tolerance for Coffee 

Beyond the genetic differences, lifestyle factors and the way our body adapts to coffee can also come along to play. If we take something regularly, our body usually becomes tolerant towards that. For example, if someone is on prescriptions, doctors usually double the dose of intake after two or three months because a human body gets used to a regular intake. And stop getting benefits from it. The same goes with coffee, so it might be worth taking a break to adjust the tolerance level.


Dehydration is another thing that can affect how someone’s body perceives the effects of caffeine. You can be a coffee lover, but that doesn’t mean you should even give the place of water to coffee. The higher the caffeine content is in your coffee, the more you go to urinate. And the more you urinate, the more water will run out of your body. After some time of this drinking habit, you will hit a certain point where your body will face no tolerance for coffee. So, it would help if you were drinking water properly along with your coffee cup

So, these were the seven most common reasons why coffee doesn’t work on some people.

What Can You Do To Improve The Coffee Effects? 

So, now the question arises of what you can do to fix the issues. Using a good healthy coffee and how you drink it can fix many issues. Therefore, if you are trying to take a coffee nap doing it can help.  

To take a good coffee nap, drink it twenty minutes before sleep. Also, don’t forget to drink it fast because it can help to get the best out of your coffee mug. 

Along with the proper naps, try- 

  1. Drink Enough Water- 

Drinking enough water can level the caffeine effect on your body. Also, water prevents dehydration, so it is a good match with coffee. Because coffee always dilutes the water out of your body. 

  1. Eat Food– 

Try eating something before taking your coffee mug because a coffee mug with an empty stomach isn’t fun. Coffee with fiber-containing food always yields good results. 

  1. Just Take a Break From your Coffee mug– 

To get all the good out of a coffee mug, you need to stay away from it for some time. Maybe two or three weeks to reset your body’s tolerance level towards the coffee. 

Where Can You Get Quality Coffee? 

To improve the effects of the coffee, you need to take care of the quality of coffee. Try the coffees from the Best Quality Coffee to taste the different flavors of the coffee. With no compromise to quality, Best Quality coffee provides everything you need in your coffee mug.



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