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Have You Tried Any of These Trending Hairstyles yet?

Your hairstyle can effortlessly add glamour to your look. It is often the one element which can make or break your fashion statement when you step out of your home.

So how can you keep up your hair game to match the latest trends and also ensure that your hairstyle complements your face?

Here are some hairstyles, chosen to match the current trends along with the face shapes and hair quality that these hairstyles are most suited for:

For very short hair

Shaggy Pixie

Pixie haircuts are not for everyone but those who love their hair short, the shaggy pixie is definitely making it big this year. Add texture to the hair by keeping the top hair slightly longer so that it can add some sassy layering to your style. It is more suitable for thick hair. If your hair is very thin, then you will have to depend on hair creams to hold your hair in place.

Choppy Crops

This textured hairstyle is short and yet incredibly appealing. It looks good on all types of hair from wavy to straight and thin to thick. You can either give it a sleek look or let it stay undone for a cuter look.

For short to medium-length hair

Textured, no-fuss bobs

Dua Lipa’s no fuss bob has become very popular among many women this year. While the cut in itself has a lot of layering, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle which suits most bone structures.

70’s shaggy cut with or without fringes

Since 2019 has continued last year’s trend of wearing no-fuss hairstyles, this retro looking style has made a major comeback because of its effortless maintenance. The hair has a lot of layering and can look great with or without a fringe. The fringe can have a center parting, or you can choose a full fringe.

90’s Blunt Bob

You can wear this bob cut with a middle parting, or you can use a side parting for a retro evening look which accentuates the textures within. It works well for all types of hair. The length of the bob can depend on your bone structure. Shorter bobs tend to make your face look fuller while longer bobs ending below the collar bone make your face look slimmer.

For long hair

Messy buns and top knots

Megan Markle has been spotted in these messy buns quite a few times now. This hairstyle has a certain sex appeal which makes it a constant year after year. At the same time, top knots are a great way to style long hair. Messy buns and top knots are known to look good on all bone structures.

Sleek ponytails

With many 90’s hairstyles making a comeback, sleek ponytails tied with scrunchies can be seen more often on the streets. Depending on the rest of your look, these ponytails can be made to look cute, sexy or charming. They also happen to work well on most bone structures and face shapes.

Wild curls

If you like to wear your hair long then try the wild curls when you keep them open. These are simple to carry and do not require a lot of effort or maintenance. If you have naturally straight hair, then you will be required to curl your hair with the help of curling irons. Avoid using these irons very often.

Most of the hairstyles that we have mentioned are suitable for all face shapes and can be good for all types of hair too. 2019 is all about no-fuss hairstyles that can be worn effortlessly. So which one do you plan to sport this season?



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