Road rage on the Surge

Road rage on the surge

Almost all of us ecstasically take out our cars or bikes onto the so called ROADS. In the part of my article yet to arrive, I`l make u believe that it can be called everything but road!

Your car comes out of its parkway, after perhaps settling the one of the many parking woes, better put as wars, which reminds that a gaming website had once launched a game on the same lines considering the emotional venting out of public wrath in some way.

The next job you have at hand is to steer your car through the next nearest red light, which reminds you that you live in a city where the population explosion and simultaneous shooting up of standard of living has literally gifted a car to each homo sapien around you. You dont hesitate to feel the immediate uneasiness of having imagined the situation 5 years hence, ‘dreadful’ could be the possible word for this. Lets get back to the situation now, so, after having tried to push through the traffic signal, and to your notice, having failed, you try your best to put the blame on the rickshaw puller who, out of his reluctancy to have matched your speed, obstructed you in the most offendable of ways. Now, you have two options to vent out the disgust of your failure, one, to understand his inadequacy and have pity on him, two, to spill out some words of wisdom in a very malignant manner. Obviously, 99.999 prcent of us end up taking the latter option! Disgusting yet true.

Okay, so now in th next run, you somehow manage to escape the land of the red signal and having figured so u take a sigh of relief, but much to your discomfort, you realise that your miseries are not over! You drive, in the most incasual of ways, trying to avoid collisions, to avoid banging onto the footpath, to avoid getting even the minutest of scratches on your vehicle (yes, this being the most critical, human nature you see!).

Having managed the situation well till now, you realised something has happened, and you need to get down your ride to see it, YES, it is an accidental bump that your vehicle just got, thanks to the aged breaks of the vehicle just behind you. Now is when the fun begins (atleast for the lookers-on), you start by greeting the person with a wrathful rather intimidating countenance (for you have to make him believe that you can CRUSHH him.. Haha..), the person, having been rightly comprehended by you, comes out in a frustrated manner. Now, the crowd, mostly unemployed or non-working (there is a difference, mind it), having gathered, is waiting for an altercation that they can enjoy like a free matinee show!! The argument between the two knights (oops.. Drivers..) reaches its crust with lines like ‘you dont seem to be blind, then how the fu** could you not see an animal of a car before you’; ‘i was driving correctly, and you had to break so fu**ing suddenly’!!!

And a lot more ornately glorified words pour out of their mouths until they strike a compensation.

This is just one instant. Most of us find it easy enough to neglect the call of an ambulance siren and to top it up, find joy to have taken its aid to reach a few metres in advance.

A person once said,’ Many squirrels and one peanut, there’s bound to be a fight’. I wonder how can one educate these squirrels, who have been time hungry for so many years ? And this question stirrs in my mind, a concern-worthy debate.

One way is to have television programmes displaying the ideal conduct on road explaining the methods of cooperating in this time competitive fight for access to road. Other way is to have counselling sessions for traffic rules defaulters. Also, the govt needs to improve infrastructure for regulating traffic. But the best way in my view is to KEEP CALM during driving and atleast try to GIVE SIDE to SOME in your way, not difficult I guess????I would liike to leave the reader with this thought so that one day we all get comparitively smooth-to-drive roads and cooperative drivers 😉



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