Stress is not good for your body
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Do you know that your stress might be responsible for your waistline?

Nobody likes when there is a conflict between the buttons of their clothes and their waistline. And they often blame their genetics, sedentary jobs and lack of healthy food options in their office cafeteria for their obesity. However, a significant factor in causing obesity is stress.

Obesity can be explained as excessive weight gain. A lot has been written about the ever-growing number of obese people all over the world. Obesity is one of the major health concerns today. Along with many other reasons that can lead to obesity, one important cause is stress. Your psychological health has a great deal of impact on your physical health.
A number of people have reported that though they monitor what they eat, they have noticed an increase in their weight. One common factor that was present in these cases was persistent stress.

High amounts of constant stress can lead to the release of a steroid named cortisol in your body that causes the liver to release high amounts of glucose into your bloodstream. This sudden upsurge in blood glucose level leads to intensified production of insulin which can lead to insulin resistance related excess weight. It has been a common observation that, behaviorally, stressed out people eat even when they are not hungry. This is called stress-eating and can lead to excessive weight gain.

Stress Eating
Stress eating

However, one must know that an optimum level of stress is essential for a person to give his or her best performance. The adverse consequences begin when there is an elevated level of stress on a continuous basis. High level of constant stress can have other side effects as well. It is important to consult a psychologist and undergo therapy in case of chronic stress.

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