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6 Must have bikinis to be summer ready for under Rs.999

Bikinis are no wonder a classic fashion statement like no other garment. They are an absolute delight when it comes to lying under the sun on a beach or go to a pool party dressed in the most eye-catching and comfortable bikini. The craze in women over fancy bikinis is only increasing with time and there’s no stopping to the desire Everyone wants to look as tempting as Priyanka Chopra did in the movie “Dostana” or as gorgeous as Deepika Padukone looked in Housefull movie.

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Here are the 6 types of bikinis we recommend to get you “Summer Ready”

1. Bright coloured Tankini

Bright coloured Tankini tops the list of current trends. It contains a bright coloured tank top which covers the upper body with a matching or contrasting bottom wear. It is an ideal choice for women who are not comfortable with showing the belly area but still want to enjoy a good sunbath on a sunny day in warm colours. Anne Cole who is considered the godmother of swimwear, designed this style which is the best pick for all body types. You want it, you got it! Click here to find out the perfect summer colours you can pick.  

2. Cross Back Bikini

This type of bikini is a little different from the Bright coloured Tankini as instead of an ordinary tank top, it includes a cross back top ending as a bow or as an elegant strap at the back. This bikini gives you a trendier, more refreshing and more drooling look.

3. Dark coloured Tankini

This is another version of Tankini that comes in gorgeous dark colours ideal for a night pool party or for the illusion of an extra slim body.
Our pro fashion tip: “Dark colours make the body look slimmer”

4. Multi-string bikini

Also known as the triangle bikini, it’s bra has multiple straps. Ideal for women having attractive collar bones. There are various ways in which the straps can be worn by using different kinds of knots to create different looks.

5. High Waist Bikini  

This is another amazing type of bikinis ideal for women who like wearing bikinis but are not comfortable showing their waistline. The bikini bottom covers the entire waistline properly as it sits above the navel level. It is a boon to women having post-pregnancy stretch marks and is midway coming back to the summer body shape. When you’re lounging poolside, the bright colours will pull it all together very easily.

6. High Neck Bikini

As compared to a usual bikini, a high neck bikini is less revealing. A high neck tube covers the upper part of the body including most of the bust area. The bikini bottoms are generally of same or matching colour. It is an ideal pick for surfing or when the day includes a lot of sporty activities. The bikini covers aptly and keeps you very comfortable.

You can always use beach accessories for a finishing touch to your beach look. Apart from the above-mentioned options, you’ll find a lot more out there. All you have to do it understand your body type, choices and preferences, and you are good to go!



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