Jism 2 : New Poster
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“Jism-2” new poster, is it hot or vulgar ? Who cares :-P

Jism 2 : New Poster
Jism 2 : New Poster

Jism – 2 is sure getting more hotter this time, reaveals a super hot poster for the promotion. Producer Pooja Bhatt is revelling in the sensuous glory of the first poster of Jism 2 which has made headlines and is creating ripples since this morning. Such is the craze of the first poster and the mystery woman in it that people can’t stop the guessing game; some are dead sure that it’s Sunny Leone.

However, Pooja Bhatt has already spilled the beans that she has still not zeroed in on the female lead in Jism 2. Ask Pooja Bhatt if the sensuous woman shown just wrapped in a transparent piece of cloth is Sunny Leone, she just smiles and says, “I don’t wish to reveal who the girl is till I have everything on paper. When I shot this poster, I was sure I wanted it to be sensual.”

Pooja also revealed that many men have asked her whether the girl in the poster is naked or not. But for Pooja, more important than flesh is the soul. Rest she is not willing to divulge until she signs her final cast. The movie is going to be co-produced by Dino Morea.





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