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DailyJag shedding a few years

DailyJag gets young
DailyJag gets young
DailyJag gets young
DailyJag gets young

Dailyjag is getting younger, yes we indeed are or our content will be. DailyJag from now onwards will focus on youth and news & articles that the youth wants to read.

DailyJag team is made of of young writers that love to express and share their views. All our writers are either in their teens or twenties so we thought lets focus on “us” only.

DailyJag’s readers are mostly youngsters and teenagers. We want to deliver fresh content and news that we (youth) that actually want to read. We aren’t interested in who was killed, the changes in share market or other boring stuff because that is no way related to US.


DailyJag introduces two new categories “events” & “Fun”.


The events category will try to list all the upcominf fests, events and any interesting thing that might interest you. The list will be updates frequently. We request our readers to please email us at about any upcoming events they might know. The events will be updated frequently to reflect new and updates event list.


Fun was added as it is an important part and some articles and news as just to spread joy. This category will include articles that are “fun” realted in some manner. This will include “mast” hangout places to hang with friends, cool trends, interesting things to watch out for and other “kewl” stuff.


Do tell us what you think about our this move, we are all ears for your suggestions


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Written by Shashank Agarwal

I am an android developer, hacker, web developer, professional blogger and a complete tech freak. I love computers and everything related to computers. I love learning new things and sharing the knowledge with the world.


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