Kapil Sibal on cesoring social media
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After strong Internet criticism, Kapil Sibal says No intention to censor social media

Kapil Sibal on cesoring social media
Kapil Sibal on cesoring social media

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said the government has no intention of “interfering” with the social media, nor does its plan to evolve guidelines amount to restriction or regulation. After he got a strong reaction from bloggers, social world and tweeters he had to say this.

Recently tweeters did a campaign “#IdiotKapilSibal” to protest against restrictions on “Freedom of Speech”.

He said the industry should develop a set of guidelines for screening of objectionable content after it is uploaded.

“Whatever I have said in the press or during the interview does not amount to restriction or regulation. It is evolving a consensus that is acceptable to media…It is not my intent ever to interfere with social media in whatsoever form,” Sibal told Karan Thapar on ‘Devil’s Advocate’ programme on CNN-IBN.

“I wanted them (internet companies) to form their own guidelines by their own standards. The intent from the government is that we want them to take the action,” he added.

Sibal said he will meet internet majors like Google and Facebook on December 15 for formulating guidelines for monitoring content on social media platforms and removal of objectionable content from websites.

We ask Kapil Sibal not to make “India” another “China”, where government tells the citizens what they can say and what papers can print.

Indian government also got reaction from US government, “The US position on internet freedom is clear. By protecting these rights in the digital era, we preserve the promise and the possibility of the internet as a platform for ideas, innovation, connection, and economic growth,” a statement quoted US Embassy spokesman Le McManis as saying.

“We will have a discussion, a round-table on 15 of this month. We will ask for suggestions…Those guidelines will be in the public domain,” he said.

He had said if the social networking sites are not willing to cooperate with the government on stopping incendiary material, “then it is the duty of the government to think of steps that we need”.

We protest against Kapil Sibal and restrictions of “Freedom Of Speech” . Here are a few images people are posting online to protest against the motion.


Funny kapil Sibal with Sonia, Manmohan & digvijay
Funny kapil Sibal with Sonia, Manmohan & digvijay


Anna Hazare and Kapil Sibal funny
Anna Hazare and Kapil Sibal funny

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