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Which is the best & safest seat on a bus ?

It’s better to first and pre-handedly select the most favorable seat that would make your journey merry than to regret on the worst seat that made your journey like hell.

Well let’s consider the seats in a bus –

How safe and comfortable are the Front Seat in a bus?

Well, the front seats are the most scariest one as you would witness how the driver takes those steep overtakes.

You would hear the horn the loudest and that might be too irritating.

At night , lights from other vehicles might disturb your sleep.

In the case of an impact you would be the first one to face it.

So,Ii guess sitting at the front is actually a pretty bad idea. Unless you have other reasons , may be you like to see the road or want to be the nearest the door or anything.

How good are The last seats ?

Last seats can be a nice option but let’s check the pros and cons.

The ride is bumpiest at the last, the total impact of even a small bump  is maximum felt at the last seats.

Least disturbance as you are the farthest from the annoying bus horn, far from the gates from where people enter and leave.

But in time of any accident you are far away from door and it might be hard to get off the bus.

So, last seat is a nice option, and should be preferred than front seats.

What about Middle rows ?

Well, lets check what these middle rows have to offer.

You are equally away from the annoying horn and the entrance door.

As you are in the middle you might not feel those large bumps as they would be felt at the back seats.

Also the middle rows are to get least damage as they are away from the front and back of a bus in case of any accident.

So, we come to the conclusion that the middle rows are the safest and best seats in a bus. So they should be given the highest priority. And if you get a window seat in the middle row you couldn’t have asked for a better seat than this one. Hope this article helped you, have a happy & safe journey.


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Written by Shashank Agarwal

I am an android developer, hacker, web developer, professional blogger and a complete tech freak. I love computers and everything related to computers. I love learning new things and sharing the knowledge with the world.


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