what is the "unspoken language" ?
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What is the “unspoken language” we all know ?

We all use words to communicate with each other, but beside this, there is another yet unnoticed language very common in use and doesn’t need any words, I call it the “Unspoken Language”.

What actually is the “unspoken language”?

Some people might confuse this with the body or sign language, but this is much more than that. Unspoken language is a mixture of gestures, body language, expressions all used to convey a message to someone.

This mixture of gesture is used usually to tell someone whether we agree with them or not. Or just a yes or no. The main interesting thing to note was that the message is so finely conveyed between the conveyor and the receipent that most of the time no one else but other than the person knows about it.

Now, you are with your lover or some friend at a totally strange place to you. You are scared but the lover or friend is quite friendly with the place. So he actually can tell you what to do or how to behave just by a look.  This happens all the time and is usually unnoticed.

Before the invention of any language or words, the natives would have used this to share feelings such as fear, love, at home, friendship etc. with other natives. This language is hard-coded in our brain.

Sure I am no expert in this domain but I love sharing things I notice around me. Please do tell me what is your view on this topic.

Just For fun

Ex. the unspoken language by boys (funny)
Ex. the unspoken language by boys (funny)
Ex. the unspoken language by girls (funny)
Ex. the unspoken language by girls (funny)

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