Tupac hologram on tour
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Tupac hologram raps from beyond the grave

The startlingly realistic appearance came courtesy of AV Concepts, a company specializing in holographic projection technology. According to AV Concepts, the holographic return of Tupac required months of planning in conjunction with Dr. Dre’s production company.

There are quite a few YouTube videos of the performance floating around, showing the life-size hologram giving shout-outs to Coachella, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre and rapping the song “Hail Mary.” It gets even more impressive when Snoop Dogg comes out for a synchronized duet.
It took a lot of technology to make this happen. AV Concepts gives its own shout-out to its proprietary Liquid Scenic server that delivered three stacked 1,920×1,080 images with 54,000 lumens of projected imagery poured into the creation.

AV Concepts has the ability to recreate just about any person as a hologram. Maybe we’ll finally get that new Humphrey Bogart movie we’ve all been waiting for. I can see it now: “The Avengers III,” starring Humphrey Bogart.

Check out the amazing video:




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