the Indian grand prix
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The Indian Grand-prix : All Ready & Set to GO!!

the Indian grand prix
the Indian grand Prix

Despite all odds, the INDIAN GRAND PRIX is all set to launch its first edition for all the F1 fanatics across the globe.

Finally, the dream for many will be true in just a few days. The thought that India will be hosting a Grand Prix is ecstatic. This is really a moment to cherish for all of us and for those who feel that “isn’t it too late ?”, there is only one answer “it’s better late than never”. After so much of hard work, many years of waiting and a lot of ups and downs it is great to see a dream transform into reality.

But some questions do turn up in minds.

Will the track be able to meet up the international standard? Or will it match up the expectations?

Well, the exact answers to the questions will be out soon but certainly the track popularly known as the BUDDH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT has got far more attention than expected even before its launch. The track is 5.14 Km long and about 18-20 m wide. The track claims to be one of the fastest in the world with 16 turns and top speed around 320 kmph. A lot has been talked about turn no. 3 and Narain Karthikeyan claims that this turn is the most challenging and will be crucial throughout the race and we can expect serious action from that corner.

Not just Indian fans are excited about the event but also every driver seems to be pretty much enthusiastic about the INDIAN GP. They say a virgin track always puts up a major challenge and we are looking forward to it.

And of course we have our home team Sahara Force India and Narain Karthikeyan participating and apart from this, we will always have individual’s favorites which give us every reason to cheer and witness an event which could prove out to be a landmark for the future of Motorsport in India.

With the tickets already sold out and the F1 merchandise creating a stir in the markets, India seems to be more than excited and we all hope that this one turns out to be a real THRILLER.



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