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The DailyJag’s writer Vani Verma wishes DailyJag happy 100 days :)

Vani Verma
Vani Verma

When Shashank asked me to describe the experience of writing for DailyJag as it completes its 100 days tomorrow, I went through a band of emotions. One, I was surprised, the portal is completing the first 100 days of its conception, time sure does fly man! How challenging it is to come up with a daily portal which has a dedicated base of audience. We writers feel so confident as it gives us all freedom to say our mind. Any post made by me or any other writer here has been readily accepted, appreciated and even applauded. This makes us enthusiastic and fills us up with zeal to write even more.

Being a computer professional, I hardly got any chance to say my heart out. ย  But to write for DailyJag opened my mind and heart, instigated the passion and encouraged amateurs like me to put forward all our thoughts in digital ink. I am biased towards a physical diary and pen, writing to me comes naturally as soon as I am in that setup. But this medium made the transgression for people like me much easier.

The variety of topics it allows us to write for, be it the matters of heart, spirituality, self-analysis, books, music, or just any random thought! We have said it all here and promise to keep posting.

DailyJag has a long way to go, writers like me would tread our journey with it and follow our destiny (That was Paulo Coelho-inspired, but I couldn’t put it in better words! ) ย I wish many more pages and lots more articles, write-ups and essays for the youth and the old people alike. The Nation is emerging and so is its mind. We would continue to write and getting inspired by all that has been posted here. All the best DailyJag team!!



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