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SRK bigger than LAW?

The National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication’s (NOTE) main complaint is Shahrukh Khan’s arrogant behaviour and utter disregard for the law.

“My main grievance is his arrogant demeanour with which he time and again decides to trample the law and smoke in places where he can be viewed and emulated by thousands of viewers when he can smoke privately,” said Salkar in an interview of his. Shahrukh shows no regard for the law, says Shekhar Salkar, General Secretary, NOTE.

SRK making into news again & again (be it the case with Farha’s husband or IPL or now) makes us think that if it’s just with him, or is the entire film industry the same. Salkar tells that when Amitabh Bachchan was earlier slammed with case for smoking in the poster of his movie, Family, he apologized humbly and promised to never repeat it again. During the shoot of Golmaal 3, Ajay Devgn was seen smoking in public. When NOTE sent him a letter, he accepted his mistake and hasn’t repeated it during any of his visits to Goa.

So why is SRK not complying with the same law? He was reported smoking at the IPL match in Jaipur and has now been summoned by the Rajasthan court. And it’s not the first time. But SRK didn’t apologize for breaking the law and neither paid the fee (from Rs 200-1000) which is too nominal for a superstar like him. We believe that it’s high time when he should start taking the law more seriously, and behave like a responsible Indian citizen.

Well, I am really fed up of Shahrukh Khan and his insulting others humor. He must learn from partisans like Amitabh Bachhan, who even after reaching pinnacles have managed to be humble and have their feet on ground.

Shahruk calls “himself” the badshah of bollywood even though few of his lasts movie sucked ( horrendously and solely raked cash based on his marketing and publicity stunts.

Just comparing the different seasons of KBC you can notice humbility and sense of comfort Amitabh Sir creates around the contestants and bring them at ease. Whosoever the person was in the human chair he treated them with sense of equality and politeness.

On the other hand Shahrukh Khan chose to humiliate and crack jokes at the contestant itself. And the conversation always had “tu” and informal slangs.

Shahrukh is an example for millions, he should not follow, if not a totally serene, but a “bad guy” lifestyle. We all know he is a chain smoker, refers to “sisters” & “mothers” each now & then in his dialects and can involve in a spat with anyone. Can’t he just stop smoking in public places and even though its illegal to do so he continues to.

He once had rivalry with almost half the industry, the excuse he gave was he is bad at making friends, I guess won’t that be too obvious.

WE are really fed up of Shahrukh and his so called “subdued world” where he calls himself the “BADSHAH”. We wish he gets back to the once charming lover boy he was.



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