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Simulate Your Workout By iPhone App: KICKR

Your iPhone can now control your bike with just the touch of a button. Computerized KICKR Power Trainer can connect to an iOS app that controls resistance. The app allows you to simulate climbs, descents, and flats with a simple tap of on the screen. iPhone users can also use apps like TrainerRoad or Kinomap Trainer to view GPS-tagged videos of cycling routes all over the world. It replicates the real-world rides from the video. When the video hits a hill, the users can feel it.

Built by Wahoo Fitness, KICKR uses Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology to interact with your iPhone and favorite cycling gadgets. Wahoo also makes Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence, and heart rate.

The users can follow mapped routes and can manually adjust the resisting while riding. KICKR also allows to create structured workouts. You can even select reprogrammed workouts.

The trainer will be available by  this November. However nothing has been said about the price of the app yet.

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