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Carnivorous Plants turn Vegetarian coz of Pollution!

Venus Flytrap
Venus Flytrap

Studies show that carnivorous plants like Venus flytrap, Sundew, etc are becoming less bug eating due to the pollution caused by the humans. The increased levels of nitrogen in the air is giving them enough nutrients and they don’t want to eat much bugs.

The plants have reduced eating insects and bugs because they are getting enough nutrients from the soil. They don’t need big meals anymore. They have become a sort of vegetarian. There seems to be a new vegetarian trend among the plants.

According to Dr. Jonathan Millet from Loughborough University, human generated pollution through activities like burning of fossil fuels have increased the level of nitrogen in the atmosphere which mixes up with soil through rain and reaches roots of the plants.

Plants in less polluted areas get 57% of their nitogen needs from eating bugs while plants in heavily polluted areas get only 22% nitrogen from bugs. They get the rest from air and soil. That’s a huge difference. According to study what plants are doing is that they are turning off their bug-eating ways by making their leaves less sticky and changing its colors. Read more about the study here.



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