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No Job? Why Not Try Freelancing?

There may be lack of jobs in India or anti-outsourcing policies coming up in USA. Still there are opportunities. For skilled and talented Indians looking for work, there is a new and interesting vast market out there called freelancing which is blooming and paying well.

The global online market is open for all and Indians are dominating there. Popular freelancer project providing website says that Indians comprise 38% of their total users. India is the number one freelancer company on with over 1.2 million of 3 million users from India.

Matt Barrie, CEO, Freelancer.comsays, “India is by far the biggest freelancing nation in the world”. He adds, “This is the new hidden economy, beyond borders, where people work and go everyday”.

Same is story with It is a global online job market place connecting freelancers to projects posted by companies all over the world. If we compare total man-hours of projects grabbed, India stands at second place with Philippines at the top on their website.

Indians have such dominance because they provide higher-end work. Their yield per hour is much higher than other developers. earned over $78 million during the first quarter of 2012. The company says that the largest recipient of that income was India getting around 20-30% of the payments. It is also worth mentioning that their business from India has grown eight times as compared to their business in 2008.

This trend will intensify as many economies, including US and Europe are having a slowdown. There are uncertainties and and MNCs are not recruiting full-time employees. Most companies are having a two-way strategy. Some are reaching out independent freelancers through such websites while others are hiring temporary workers.

Gary Swart, CEO, says, “The opportunities are unlimited. All work that can be done in front of the computer can move online”. According to him, by 2020 one-third of global workforce could be hired online.

Source: The Times Of India



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