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Make Google do amazing tricks (humor)

Google has always had that sense of humor to all things it does. We recently figured out a lot of cool stuff Google does.

google shows finger
google shows finger

Search for “Barrel Roll”

Google Barrel! Just go to and type “Do a barrel roll”, see what happens.

P.S. May not work on Internet explorer.

Search for”Tilt”

Would tilt the whole Google result screen

Search for “Askew”

Search for “askew” , pretty much similar to above tricks

Search for “Ascii Art”

Google Ascii art
Google Ascii art

Observe the change in google logo

Search for ” answer to life, the universe, and everything ” 

Search for – ” answer to life, the universe, and everything ” , you will get an amazing answer “42” . The answer is inspired from “Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy” and amazingly weird but super-fiction novel.

Search for “Recursion”

Search for “recursion” and you get->
“did you mean “recursion””… and click on the new link . I think you’ll understand the zest.

 Google “Pacman”

Pacman google doodle
Pacman google doodle

Go here ->

Dedicated to the greatness of Pacman, you can actually play the game using the keys on your keyboard. Pretty amazing.

Search for “Sachin is God” trick

Sachin is god no even google knows it
Sachin is god no even google knows it

Sachin Tendulkar is considered as one of the cricketing greats and fans around the world considers him as “God of Cricket” but Google translate has responded in an interesting way. “Suresh Raina is god” when translated to serbian language using Google translate results “Sachin Tendulkar is God” in English.

Some “I am luck feelin lucky search”

In these you search for a term and hit “the I am feeling lucky” or select the first Google result link.

Seach for “Where is Chuck Norris”

Search for “Where is Chuck Norris” and click on the first result. Its hillarious. And for who actually don’t know Chuck Norris is Rajnikant of hollywood and he is after you for knowing him. SO run !!

Other “I am luck feeling lucky search” tricks on google

  • “Google Goth”
  • “Google Gravity”
  • “Google Klingon”
  • “Google Pirate”
  • “Who’s the Cutest?”
  • “Ewmew fudd”
  • “Google Piglatin”

This post is dedicated to Google just out of my love for the company’s amazing humor. Undoubtedly being the most powerful tech giant it is, it still would do these amazing things just to make people happy and for the fun of it.

P.S. Some of these tricks will work only on Google Chrome. 

Please do share if you know any more of these amazing tricks.




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