Jagjit Singh
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Jagjit Singh-The man with golden voice

Jagjit Singh
Jagjit Singh

He had a voice of silk, sang words straight from heart and made us think while listening to his songs. Jagjit Singh was mesmerising. Apne hothon par sajana chahta hoon, aa tujhe main gungunana chahta hoon. I sing it for him today, he would stay in our hearts and so would his songs in our mind and his voice in our souls.


I grew up listening to songs of Jagjit and Chitra, unconsciously our minds were swaying to his tunes, and we realised only on growing up what his songs meant to us.  Songs like kothey te aa mahiya, Chhareyan di joon buri.. bring smile to our faces even today. How I regret having not attended even a single live concert by him. His live performances were most loved for he had a sense of humour and a knack to connect to the audience in his unique way. The kurta-pyjama clad singer with his harmonium, he was the most stylish ghazal singer ever!


Aapko dekh kar dekhta reh gaya.. I feel the song is written for me. Garaj baras pyaasi dharti par phir paani de maula.. the song  is the best ever, lyrical and thought-provoking, I have never heard a more honest song! Jhuki jhuki si nazar, the classic in all ways. Wo kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani, one song everyone relates to. Jagjit singh had something about him; He could sing any song with such ease and bring life to all the words.


Hoshwalon ko khabar kya bekhudi kya cheez hai, His songs had a satire which would make anyone wonder about life and indulge in some profound thoughts. As he said in one of his songs, Jhooth wale kahin se kahin badh gaye, aur main tha ke sach bolta reh gaya..Aandhiyon ke irade toh achhe na the, ye diya kaise jalta reh gaya.. This is what I meant by satire in his songs! This reminds me of some more lines from another song where he sang fir moorat se bahar aakar charon aur bikhar ja, fir mandir ko koi meera deewani de maula..


This is an ode to the maestro and my favourite songs by him. Maut bhi main shayrana chahta hoon, Indeed Mr. Singh ji



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