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Imran to get 11 Crores for his next flick

Rumors are that Imran Khan has been paid Rs 11 Crores for the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, in which he’d be playing the role of a ‘Young Don’.

It seems as if Imran Khan has finally realised that it is time for him to do something big like his contemporary Ranbir Kapoor is doing. Ranbir’s prices are on peak after the success of Rockstar and he is demanding 25 crores now a days. Recently it was heard that Imran is being paid so much because the directors are considering him a bankable star. Imran has already proved this with his Delhi Belly, Jaane Tu… and many more. He may or may not be a great actor but his movies make a decent profit and that’s why he gets to work with directors like Milan Luthria and Vishal Bhardwaj today.

As Imran is growing in his career slowly, he seeks inspiration from his ‘mamu jaan’, Aamir Khan. After all, it’s his performances that will decide if actors like him are a dime a dozen or not, and not his bank balance.




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