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First Ever Working Bionic Eye Implanted In a Blind Patient

It is exactly what we were waiting for, to help the blind see this colorful world. It is a major breakthrough in the field of medical science. Scientists have first time ever succeeded in implanting a prototype bionic eye through surgery which has helped a blind woman see shapes.

Researchers of Bionic Vision Australia have  announced their success with the prototype of the Bionic Eye. They shared the response of the implantee of the Bionic Eye after the implant, “didn’t know what to expect, but all of a sudden, I could see a little flash–it was amazing”. The team hopes to start ‘building’ shapes based on her vision which will lead to the creation of a complete bionic eye that can work like a real eye.

Nerve cells are stimulated by the electrodes in the Bionic Eye. The scientists can get feedback from the user on the ‘flashes of light’ in controlled environment. It will help calibrate the eye until it reflects the actual environment. Scientists say that it is not complete vision but it is definitely a big step towards it.

In future, they would be integrating an external camera with the Bionic Eye, and will be creating versions with more electrodes. A person can see large objects with 98 electrodes and can recognize faces and large print with 1,024 electrodes.




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