Be nice to people !
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Be nice to others, it ain’t that hard

Be nice to people !
Be nice to people!

“Being Kind” is so hard, especially when people are mean around you and others are not nice. But everyone has a hard life why give them more reasons to sulk in. A simple compliment to a sad girl can make her day, simple praise about a sedulous clerk can make him feel proud.

Life is harsh and everyone thinks that they are in deepest of troubles. They already suffer from a lot of crap, don’t give them more reason by being bad at cursing their life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~Plato

To be nice and polite doesn’t require to be a great philanthropist. Just treat others like you want to be treated.

  • Smile to the people you meet, it will urge the other person to smile back.
  • Don’t be shy to introduce yourself to new people. Meet new people, ask them how their life is. It’s always good to meet new happy faces.
  • Everyone loves compliments, so don’t be afraid to say something positive about the other person
  • Get them something nice once in a while. And for holidays or birthdays, buy something really special that you know s/he will really appreciate. It doesn’t need to be something super expensive. A box of chocolates, a new notebook, if you really mean it, your friend will get the message and be nicer to you too.
  • Be polite to others. Help when needed, even to people you have never met before. That person might be lonely, and you may be the only one they have talked to that day. Imagine how happy they will be…and you will be happy also, knowing you have been nice to someone.
  • Don’t cuss or spread negativity. Back-bitching and talking bad about others projects an ugly image of you. Also, it spreads too much of negativity.
  • Be nice to everyone, even those who have been nasty to you. Who knows? They might start being nice to you, too! And if they don’t, at least you are being decent.
  • Always remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Do things that are fun to the people and make them feel good
  •  If you are having trouble seeing the best in people, think of their talents. Is s/he really brainy? He has a nice personality! Everyone has something to value.
  • Don’t have any expectations: Having expectations hurt, you expect others to be good with you just because you are good to the world. Be nice & benevolent because you want to be.
If you have grudges sort them out. Talk to people. There are reasons why is everyone the way they are. 
Why is someone mean or a rake or mean person? Try to understand their side of the story.
People remember who called them to wish “birthdays” at 12 a.m, who listened to them, who was happy for their happiness.
 Don’t crib about stuff. So make people smile, just talk to them nicely.




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