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The goddess of style – Rihanna

If there is anyone in the planet who is capable of gracefully carrying off a fluoroscent yellow top with red hair and golden streaks and chunky feather ear-rings and top notch multi-coloured high heels with a messy, yet incredibly different hairdo, it’s Rihanna!

Rihanna in leopard pattern dress
Rihanna in leopard pattern dress

Her singing is undoubtedly sensational and makes you connect with your soul, but her style and poise makes her a true superstar. It’s always dangerous for famous popstars or any celebrity to experiment, but when it comes to Rihanna, she has become a role model for all the youngsters and a style icon for all the young lasses, at the age of 23!


The lovely locks of the long legged lass

To start off with, her hairstyles have been the talk of the town ever since she stepped foot in the world of music. Whether it was her long tresses in Pon De Replay when she started her career, or her very famous brunette bob cut, or the short Cleopatra bob with a front fringe, or the elegant curls, or the haute pixie cut, or the current red messy hair from “What’s my name”, or even the long luscious red hair in “Man Down”, Rihanna has always ensured that she can show the world how one can achieve different, yet stunning looks just by changing the structure, size and color of the hair. Not many celebrities are comfortable shortening the lengths of their hair, but Rihanna has gone out of her way to please her fans and it has definitely helped her build a strong image.

strong image
Rihanna's bob cut



The glamour hidden in the closet

Her wardrobe has always been a fashion paradise, with all the humongous number of colors and designs. Be it a simple white shirt or a waist and belly button bearing DIY t-shirt and jeans or denim shorts or an animal print gown or funky costumes like a catwoman or a multi-colored “Rude Boy”, she has experimented with anything and everything under the sun. Not only has she been blessed with that perfect bod and just the right amount of tan, but she also has a killer sense of dressing. Some people may find it obnoxiously gaudy and weird, but she’s a true queen of fashion.

Rihanna pixie
Rihanna pixie

The strong personality

What makes her different from others is the way she carries herself. Her strength lies in her fashion. Obviously, her voice is distinct, soothing and can make anyone go gaga, but it’s her overall personality that adds to her sex appeal. Rihanna is capapble of looking tormentingly beautiful no matter what she wears and what she sings!

Rihanna is definitely a legend and at a very young age, she has achieved tonnes of fame and glory. For most of the girls in the world, Rihanna has been someone to look up to. The Barbadian babe has stolen our hearts away and we all wanna say “And she says Te Amo, I think it means I love you” 🙂



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