Mee Raqsam Review- An Incredible Story Of A Father’s Faith In Daughter
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Mee Raqsam Review- An Incredible Story Of A Father’s Faith In Daughter

We all know that our childhood experiences play a huge role in developing our personality and attitude towards life. But what happens when those desires and ambitions are crushed? What would happen if those desires and dreams were encouraged?

Mee Raqsam, the title of the movie, uses an Urdu word that means “I Dance”.  The film is a beautiful and heart-warming narrative about a young, ambitious Muslim-girl who aspires to become a Bharatnatyam Dancer (Indian Classical Dance Form). But this is not at all accepted by her Muslim community. Even her own relatives and community head are against this dancing dream as it would be completely embarrassing for the entire community. But she has faith in her #SapnoKiTakat, which prepares her to keep moving without any fear.

Cinematographer, Baba Azmi has depicted a father’s love for his daughter so beautifully that you cannot deny feeling all emotional. Father Salim( role played by Danish Husain) encourages Maryam (Aditi Subedi), his daughter, to achieve her dream against all odds. Maryam’s great love for dance was inculcated by her mother when she was alive. But Maryam’s world comes crashing down when the community stands against her and her father.

The storyline revolves around the prejudices that prevail in Muslim society and doesn’t allow girls to achieve something big in their life. Safdar Mir and Husain Mir have done a fabulous job by revealing the love between a father and his daughter in the most tender way. How the strong faith of Salim helps Maryam to be fearless and move ahead with all determination.

The movie shows how social and class differences, community norms, and religious intolerance are killing the dreams of thousands of women in the community. But Salim is all set to prove them wrong and do what he feels is right for his daughter. It is a must-watch as it rings out the sensitive issues of the society that are always discussed in hissed voices but no one dares to speak aloud about it. The movie has the potential to encourage you and take charge of your life and your dreams and not be blinded by the illogical communal restriction.

The movie Mee Raqsam was shot in one of the beautiful towns of Uttar Pradesh – Mijwan. Mijwan has a major significance in the life of Kaifi Azmi. Kaifi Azmi, father of Shabana and Baba belonged to Mijwan as it was his birthplace. His entire childhood was spent in Mijwan and this place had a great influence on his professional life. It was Kaifi’s dream to shoot at least one film in Mijwan and Baba Azmi fulfilled his dream by being a dutiful son.

It would be a wonderful experience to watch #MeeRaqsamOnZEE5, where a small girl’s journey to accomplish her deep desire with the full support and love of her father. Each and every character of the movie unfolds in an interesting way. Salim, a small tailor in the village is raising a motherless daughter without any complaints. A talented daughter, Maryam, shows the immense courage to stand against the community. Moreover, it would be immensely fascinating to see Naseeruddin Shah in the role of a Muslim leader who is not willing to let the girl do what she aspires. But Maryam has found her freedom in Bharatnatyam and is all set to break free from the religious and communal restrictions imposed on her. Not only the main actors, but the supporting actors have given their 100% to make this movie a success.

It all looks so natural that you would be engrossed in it. The location (Mijwan village) where the movie is shot brings out the natural instinct in the actors and they instantly feel the connection to the place. The movie critics have been praising the director, Baba Azmi, and actors as they have been seen doing justice to their respective roles.

You can watch the movie “Mee Raqsam” on ZEE5. The platform takes pride in showing movies that are critically acclaimed, popular, and have the potential to attract an audience and make them glued to their seats.

  • Writer & Director Of The Movie: Baba Azmi
  • Producer Of The Movie: Shabana Azmi
  • Screenplay: Safdar Mir & Husain Mir
  • Star Cast Of The Movie: Danish Hussain, Naseeruddin Shah, Aditi Subedi, Shraddha Kaul, Sudeepta Singh, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om, Farrukh Jafar

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