The heritage : Opeth
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The heritage : Opeth
The heritage : Opeth

One of the greatest bands from Sweden is back. Yes, I am talking about Opeth. They are back. Back with vengeance.

The multi platinum record selling band is everything that a music fan can ask for. Brilliant vocals, techniques, solos and the ability to make its listeners fly with each and every note. The best thing about Opeth is that they are not bound to any particular genre and are open to experiments. They create music (pure and simple), don’t commercialize and stay away from controversies.

The new sound to Opeth is as fresh as always. They made this album when they looked for themselves, in themselves. This albums represents their path of self discovery. In short THE HERITAGE is breath-taking. But what force drew one of the most powerful growler in music industry today, not to growl in the whole album, only god knows.

Mikael has a great voice. We have heard it many songs like beneath the mire, deliverance etc. but his intense growls kept the listeners, atleast me, going, craving for more. But this time, he is back with his experiments. So what does this means? No dear sir/maam, it doesn’t mean that THE HERITAGE is any less than previous albums of Opeth(or maybe, just a little).

The album’s new sound has a magic to it. The old magic of Opeth. The beautiful melody in this album is enough to make you lose yourself. Plus you get, Mikael’s beautiful voice, inspiring lyrics, and there, ladies and gentleman, you have a new definition of awesomeness.

The influence of jazz is visible in the new album, and the work of Steven Wilson(Porcupine Tree) is evident. The classic sound to its solos and riffs, reminds you of classic Opeth. In my view, the experiment gave great results.


Go grab a copy for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

PS- don’t download your music. Buy this one.



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