Satellit Made By Song Ho-Jun
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Your Own Do It Yourself Satellite – by Song Ho-Jun

Song Ho-Jun, a South Korean artist has been working for years on his very own DIY sputnik, a homemade satellite cobbled together from electronics store parts. It is supposed to be the first satellite ever completely built by an individual. It is expected to launch this year.

Song Ho-Jun was working as an intern at a satellite company when he came up with an idea and started the “Open Satellite Initiative”. He took advice from experts and gathered the information needed for the launch. Meanwhile, he also ran a small electronics business and got help from his parents.

The final product that we would get after he finishes with the project will be a tiny box (1 kilogram and 10 cubic centimeters) that will send back information on how it’s functioning, such as the status of the battery and temperature. Communication will world on it too, people would be able to radio up to it. After getting into its orbit, it will transmit messages via Morse code.

This satellite will launch from Kazakhstan in December.




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