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Panasonic Will Soon Bring Artificial Photosynthesis System

Panasonic's Photosynthesis Concept
Panasonic's Photosynthesis Concept

Plants are the basic and most important part of our ecosystem. They not only make the earth a beautiful place but also convert carbon dioxide to oxygen which is essential for the survival of all human beings and animals by a process called photosynthesis.

Panasonic has been trying to replicate the natural process of photosynthesis by artificial means and Japanese electronics makers are leading it towards a viable solution.  At the International Conference on the Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy this week, Panasonic announced the development of an Artificial Photosynthesis System.

The Artificial Photosynthesis System will use a nitride semiconductor to convert water and carbon dioxide (produced as byproducts in factories and power plants) into organic material called formic acid. Formic Acid is also used in making dyes and fragrances. Formic Acid isn’t the final product that we were expecting but still it is better than carbon dioxide as carbon dioxide is the main culprit responsible for global warming.

Panasonic claims that their system works at a plant-like efficiency around 0.2%. See the official press release here.



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