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Marine Drone To Clean Up Garbage From The Oceans

Robots friendly robots are increasing day by day. Earlier there were solar powered underwater research robots and those who tweeted about the water quality. Now there is Marine Drone which is designed to search and destroy garbage in the oceans.

Elie Ahovi, an industrial design student at French International School of Design is heading the project. He and his fellow students decided to create a solution to huge amounts of junk floating in areas like the Great Pacific Garbage Patches. Marine Drone works autonomously by sucking garbage into a built-in net. Marine Drone is programmed to go back to the docking station from where it came whenever it’s full to be cleaned by the station crew. It works silently with its silent motor that runs on waterproof batteries. Marine Drone produces signals designed to keep fish and other water animals away from its net to ensure safety. However, its effectiveness its still unclear. It’s not known that how much pollution will it cause while cleaning oceans.

There are some more questions about it, like, Where would the garbage go after being collected by the Marine Drone? Can it also work inside smaller water bodies like lakes and rivers? Avohi cleared all these confusions. He said that garbage would be recycled on land and the current design is too large to work inside smaller water bodies. If this design turns into reality, it would be a real help in controlling pollution levels in the oceans.




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