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Indian Railways Revises Tatkal Booking Timing

The time of booking of Tatkal tickets is revised by the Indian Railways. The changes will take effect from 10 July. This has been done in order to prevent touts from cornering tickets. Now the booking of Tatkal tickets would be allowed only one day in advance. And the booking will start at 1000 hours instead of 0800 hours for general public. No authorized agent, even from IRCTC, will be allowed to book online until 1200 hours.

This decision has been taken by Railway Board, in hope to keep away touts from booking tickets surreptitiously the moment when booking starts. An e-ticket application is under development by the IRCTC in order to double the existing capacity of addressing online ticket demands.

Each day, aroud 11.57 lakh berths are reserved, out of which 1.71 lakh are through Tatkal Service on 2677 trains. A revenue  of Rs 847 crore was yielded during 2011-2012 by Tatkal booking.

IRCTC has also proposed other methods to prevent agents from cornering tickets. IRCTC proposes to capture their computers’ MAC ID, restrict booking per machine and link bookings by individuals with UID and PAN cards.

Source: The Hindu




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