Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012

Spectacles that can change their “Power”!


This frame may look ordinary or even ugly but when it comes to functionality and usability, it’s no less than any spectacles.

Eyejusters, an Oxford-based technology company, is bringing their SlideLens adjustable lens technology to the people and specially for  those who can’t afford the high price of an eye wear.

The users can change their prescription or power simply by rotating the dial provided at the sides of the frame. These dials control the two lenses that are overlaid on each other.

“By sliding one element over the other, the lens changes its ‘prescription’ to give clear vision instantly,” explains Eyejusters’ website. “We’ve obsessively modelled, simulated and measured them to provide outstanding optical clarity and comfort.Each SlideLens is a pair of lenses with a special shape that you are able to see if you hold the lens on its side and reflect light from the surface. When these lenses are slid across each other (left-to-right), their combined shapes act as if they were one lens with a changing spherical surface.”

This adjustable eyewear comes in two categories: One with negative power for correction of distant-vision and other with positive power to correct near-vision.

Developers have started taking pre-orders. According to them their distribution kits are ideal for NGO’s and local groups.

Interested parties can contact Eyejusters here.

To have a closer look at SideLens, see the video below-

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