Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2012

Say Thanks To Bots Who Clean Up Your Crap On Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is an endless source of knowledge formed by the triumph of human effort, knowledge and collaboration. Not only thousands of smart people edit the pages of the online encyclopedia regularly, but hundreds of bots work on it too. These bots take care of all the boring stuff like organizing, formatting and other administrative tasks. They also correct the wrongdoings of mischievous people like removing off-topic vandalism and naughty language.

In the beginning the bots even created Wikipedia pages by pulling data from various sources to bring all the information right at our doorsteps. They did a pretty good job. But there were fears that a rogue bot may ruin all the hard work, since the bots have required privileges to do the inside job.

The bots not only have access to the largest single collection of human knowledge, but they edit it for us too.


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  1. Good use of Artificial Intelligent bots 🙂

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