Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

Now Yahoo jumps into browser war with Axis

Axis: Browser from Yahoo

Axis: Browser from Yahoo

After a long battle between different browsers, when we started thinking that the war is over (with chrome as winner and IE as loser, personal views), there’s a new competitor. This new warrior in the battle is “Axis”, a new browser from Yahoo for iOS and Chrome platforms. And most importantly, it doesn’t suck like the “yahoo”. In fact, it’s interesting.

See ad below:

It has an expedited search/result process. Rather than presenting you a list of links to scroll through, with Axis, pressing ‘Enter’ brings you directly to the pages or rather, the pages straight to you. It also shows “Trending Searches” in the beginning whenever you open the search tab. It gives a visual touch to search showing a preview of the top search results right at the search bar/column.

Whenever you open a page on Axis, it shows two arrows on both sides of your page to directly access the pages shown after before the search results you open the page from. This really makes navigation faster. Now if you want to open multiple tabs from the top search results, you don’t need to open multiple tabs, you can simply navigate between pages using the arrows.

It also connects with your Axis iPhone and iPad apps to unify multiple browser experiences into one personal, cross-device experience.

See a quick demo:

Another interesting thing is that it doesn’t have any homepage. There’s (only) a startpage showing your saved pages, bookmarks and your device connections. At first look, it didn’t seem to have any option to change it to some default webpage. However, the reason to cheer is that you are NOT FORCED to see the Yahoo HomePage. However, it sticks to Yahoo Search and you can’t switch to Google or Bing :(.
There are versions for both iPad and iPhone. And extensions/plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

However there’s one thing with it. It covers the lower-left corner of your browser screen. Thus making it impossible to access something on the lower-left corner. So, if you want your website to be completely usable with Axis, don’t make items fixed on the lower-left corner.

One more issue (seen on Browser plugins), it seems next to impossible to open websites directly from Axis (not from browser). You can only open webpages from the search results you get. But what about those sites which are blacklisted by search engines, like hacking sites, free domain sites like,, etc.

It may not look that fascinating on Desktop to some, but it’s really beautiful and interesting on tablets and mobiles.

Have a look at it and tell us what you feel.

Get it on your iPhone/iPad.

Visit main site.

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