Published On: Sun, Jul 15th, 2012

Amazing 175 Degree Display For Hardcore Gamers

Hands-On On The 175 Degree Display

Hands-On On The 175 Degree Display

A Swedish company called Norman Design has made an interesting 175 degree, 160 inch wraparound display. The company even claims that it is portable. It weighs over 110 pounds and takes an hour to set up, but you would never wish to move it after you set it up.

The massive 175 degree, 160 inch screen uses a series of rear-mounted projectors seamlessly blended together, powered by a sufficiently capable gaming PC running special software.

The screen is totally stunning. It completely wraps you up in the action going on the screen. This 175 degree display actually comes as a part of an F1 racing simulator kit with a motion capable seat. It costs over $114,000. However it could be purchased separately also. It is no less than a real car.


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