Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

Solve Lighting Problem With These Amazing Reflectors

3M Reflectors

3M Reflectors

The interesting company, 3M that made forgetting anything impossible by its small sticky notes is now trying to change the face of interior lighting with a highly-engineered reflector which is capable of spreading the light from a single LED bulb over an incredibly large area.

3M created an interesting technology called ‘Virtual LED’ with designer Todd Bracher which can illuminate a series of lighting fixtures with just one single LED bulb. The reflectors are covered with a special 3M film that can reflect over 90% light. The reflectors are also engineered to bounce back and reflect  the light from one reflector to another. This makes them look like a series of glowing reflectors.

Obviously a single LED may not produce that much light with this interesting technology. However, just a handful of LEDs and a wall covered with these interesting reflectors can produce a surprising amout of light in the room without consuming much energy. This technology will reduce the amount of  energy required in future and will, thus, help in protecting forests and environment.


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