Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2012

“Uniform” (a poem)

"The Uniform" : A poem by Sanchit Gupta

"The Uniform" : A poem by Sanchit Gupta

Being an aspiring soldier, I (Sanchit Gupta) wrote this song to perform in front of my officials during my SSB.

Uniform is the symbol of glory, of pride, of duty….


I put my heart out there,
Ready to receive some light.
The empty bliss I have had,
Everyday of my life.
Well, it was the course I set.
My ship to sail through the tide.
Ambushed by the feelings,
Feelings blurred by sight.

Oh I will go on to achieve it.
I will not give up without a fight.

And my dreams still lit,
Lit by the rays of hope.
All the freedom I see,
Gives new meaning to this life.
Perceptions vary but the landscape’s the same.
I have my mind determined.

That I will go on to achieve it.
I will not give up without a fight.
I will not quit till I can touch it,
And grab it, kiss it with all my might.
Its my dream,
My vision,
My way to conquer.
The world is full of it.
Don’t heed them, let them wander.

Oh, I can finally touch it.
I overcame the storm.
The joy I felt,
When I first touched my uniform.
Because I am a soldier,
Always been one since I was born.
I didn’t wear that uniform
It was me, worn by that uniform.



About the Author

- A musician and writer by choice while an engineer by profession.... music is something that runs in my veins... doesnt mean i am from a musical background.. no my family aint related even a bit to music and the idea of being a musician is forbidden. but still. you cant stop whats gonna happen. adventure is something i crave for. and photography my life. i believe that either love what you do or dont do it at all.

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