Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2011

The Suppression : A poem

We grow up as dreamers, have a knack to change the world. Our parents encourage us to think strong! But there come days when we are forced to remain mum, when our heart is thumping hard and the mind shouting still we sit back to ponder if we should remain dreamers. As sudha murty said, “Dreamers at 20, realists at 40”!!

Dream and reality : The  difference

Dream and reality : The difference

An original composition expressing just that-

When the eyes are filled

with tears
and the mind with angst
everyone asks you to
lead a life of fear
but you say, please take a stand.
You want to scream
out at the world
and break free

but you keep holding
for your bitter tongue
creates havoc
And you are reminded
again and again

of the ways of the world
and the expectations of many.
And you think,
think hard and wonder
“why did I grow to be
what I am”

Indeed it is tough
to say out loud
that I refuse to be a part of this crowd.
And then you are shooed
all your aspirations die
The rebel in you
sits and thinks,
“Okay! lets give it a try!”


Do tell us if this poem touched your heart! 🙂

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  1. sayesha bose says:

    There’s a typo in your verse. Care to mend it? Also, whatever happened to punctuation? You’ve tried a blank verse, all right, but bereft of commas and full stops.

  2. Sonakshi says:

    Sorry for the editing mistakes.. It will be taken care of!! 🙂

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