Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2012

The wonder of winter

The wonder of winter

The wonder of winter

The winter mornings have a charm. They are not as bright and sunny but the foggy sky and cold breeze make them very pleasing & satisfying. As a kid I loathed the season, until this winter month dawned on me! I always thought why people liked this cold weather which is so gloomy, accompanied by chilly winds and shivers; only to realise that we have to embrace it in order to realise its real wonder and worth.

Bright mittens, fat woollens, baggy sweat shirts, bright colours, long stockings and warm pyjamas, I do realize that I am in love with these pretty clothes. They keep you warm and pep your mood up! The haze in the sky and fog on your path gets you into another world, where you just don’t see anyone around, except for the white. A ray of light penetrates from a distance and the horn blows, for you to realize that you are still in the same city and heading to another day of work. You blow out wind and it appears as if you had a fag, giggles are all pervasive. Wiping the dew blocked windows and making strange shapes to tease each other, winters invite that innovative-naughty child in all of us.

The deadly combo of a samosa and steaming hot chai is just unbeatable in this season. The wonders of gajar ka halwa, gudd ki roti, sarso ka saag, gobhi ka parantha and jalebi-rabri are most enjoyed in winters. Undoubtedly, I have been indulging myself in fat consumption big time. But who cares! Winters are delectable for the food it brings along. And we gorge on the delicacies without wondering about the calories and the flab we tend to collect.

The blanket and its snugness are most missed in summers. The warmth associated with the quilts and the best sleeps ever! One doesn’t even feel like getting up in the morning and head to the work place, the laze and the want to just lay back. We even skip our baths, which we cant afford to even think of in summers. The real wonder of winter it is.

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  1. sayesha bose says:

    Dear author, you are stating the obvious. Things that people already know. What is the point of this article? Try delving deeper into the layers of winter – the season instead of snatching glimpses of what everyone encounters everyday. I mean, do not get me wrong but your story isn’t leading anywhere…everyone writes (FB status and Twitter) about the snugness of quilts and the chai and the delicacies et al.

    • Vani verma is a keen observer. She has a different perceptive at things and this article aims at describing the winters as seen by her… Try letting yourself a bit into the words and read between the lines…
      Yes the article might be obvious… but still share the emotion that dwell in the author’s mind on a winter morning ..

  2. Sonakshi says:

    Dear Sayesha.. I am someone who doesn’t love winters at all.. This article makes you look at the other side of this gloomy season.. So just before you say that this article is stating the obvious.. The opinion by others is not the same!! Just saying!! 🙂

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