Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2011

“Kolaveri Di” gets hundred more versions

Kolaveri gets a thousand versions

Kolaveri gets a thousand versions

Kolaveri Di has gone outrageously viral, now its no more a song it’s a brand its a label its a symbol besides just being this, it’s getting featured in all jokes, getting sung by puppets , gets a female version also a pakisatani version as well. Kolaveri is the weapon which is modified by video editors, bloggers, TV channels, advertisements at getting a bite of the fame .  A research at the various version of Kolaveri di.


“Why this Kanimozhi in ? ” by the great indian tamasha on

The video is from a famous serial featured on NDTV. The show uses Puppets as real world politicians. The show is mainly political sarcasm and uses the latest “in news” trends for the plot.

Link to the Video –




Kolaveri Di featuring Nevaan Nigam

Sonu Nigam’s son sings the Kolaveri Di. Sonu Nigam also features in the video. The lil singer (Nevaan Nigam) is super cute while he complains about drinking milk.

Link to the Video –




Hitler Gets Angry about “Why this Kolaveri Di”?

An amazing video that uses a clip from the famous hitler movie. The subtitles are replaces which shows hitler’s concern over the freaking popularity of the video.

Link to the Video –




Female Version of Kolaveri Di 

An attempt by some female singer to get a bite of the fame with a female version of the song.

Link to the Video –

Sharad Pawar Slap Song – Why this Kolaveri Di ft. Harvinder Singh version

A parody made using Kolaveri Di as the feat. The video shows Harvinder Singh singing the song and expressing why he slapped Sharad Pawar.

Link to the Video –



“Kolaveri Di” punjabi version

A punjabi version we found.

Link to the Video –


There are literally thousands of other videos as well. Since the inception of internet, we have never witnessed any video ever getting this viral in INDIA ever.

Kolaveri has gone to become the most watched Indian video ever, let just hope it makes to the top of 2011 on youtube as well. And with the absurd rate of popularity we can just wonder “Why this Kolaveri di ?”

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