Published On: Thu, May 3rd, 2012


CLAUSTROPHILIC a poem by Bhuwan Kathuria

CLAUSTROPHILIC a poem by Bhuwan Kathuria

There are certain times when your heart craves for solace and finds it only in the time of solitude. The monologue is more gratifying than all the world’s sympathies. Claustrophilic is one such emotion that all of us can relate to.

A poem by Bhuwan Kathuria.


Shackles of defiance, I get pleasure in pain

I Live in the closet, I ain’t insane.


Devil’s own child, lay trapped in the tide

Narcissist me, inside I confide.


I relish the strands of monotony,

Bask in the glory of complacency.


The baggage of ME, don’t want to break free

Blood cries, I live, and breath craves for ME.


The lies, the gore and self pity

Claustrophilic, I am and in darkness I see…

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